Mini Unit Curriculum – Final Project

For the past two weeks, my PLN group has been working on creating a Mini Unit Curriculum in Social Media Basics.  It has been an interesting experience, learning more about Schoology and other platforms as the design process developed.  I also learned about myself, and how much I do not like group work.  It is not that I do not like group work period, but with my irregular work schedule and the time zone difference among group members, I start to feel stressed when I am waiting for a response or feedback.

We are almost finished, thank goodness.  I explored Powtoons (it has been on my to do list) and created a short advertisement to the Mini Unit Curriculum.  I only explored the free version of Powtoons, and I was impressed with the selection of graphics and the audio provided.  It is a different way of presenting, and I felt like I designed it but not really because all I was doing was choosing a template and graphics to fit my presentation.  I think if I spent more time on it, being able to customize it to my liking, I would find more ways in which I could use it.

Only one more week left!



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