Social Media Policies & Guidelines

Since I am not currently teaching, I spent some time researching social media policies and guidelines from different types of organizations before attempting to write my own.  I am teaching a small group of adult English Language Learners abroad and thought I could create something that could apply to them.  I am not teaching at an English Club, but it was the best scenario that I could come up with in my situation.

English Club of Antananarivo Learning Center
Social Media Policies & Guidelines

The English Club of Antananarivo uses social media to integrate technology into the learning activities and opportunities provided to students in the English Club.  The following information is intended to supplement all other policies of the organization.  All members should familiarize themselves with all policies of the English Club of Antananarivo.

Information posted on social media is public, whether you like it or not.  Not only is information accessible by the public, but it can be a matter of permanent record for a long period of time.  All members should exercise sound judgement when posting on blogs, wikis or any form of user-generated media.  Postings are a reflection of the yourself, so ensure you are acting responsibly and ethically.  More importantly, your actions can affect you professionally.  In addition, all members should ensure they understand the privacy settings and options on your social media accounts.  Finally, ensure you protect yourself by being careful about what information you share online.  

Members are allowed to bring their own devices to the Learning Center and connect to the wireless connection if the usage is directly related to learning activities.  Due to the limited bandwidth at the Learning Center, connecting to the wireless connection for personal use is not allowed.  Anyone who is found using the wireless connection for personal use will be asked to leave the Learning Center if it is a repeated offense.  The use of technology is not a necessity but a privilege.  When abused, privileges will be taken away.  The following devices can be brought to the Learning Center.

  • Smartphones 
  • Tablet computers
  • Portable media devices
  • Laptop/Netbook


  • Members of the Learning Center must adhere to the Social Media Policies and Guidelines, in addition to all organization policies
  • Instructors have the discretion to allow and regular the use of personal devices during private and group sessions
  • Members are allowed to use the Learning Center to complete homework assignments and activities when not attending sessions
  • As a courtesy to other members, approved devices must be in silent mode while in the Learning Center
  • Members will respect the privacy and cultural differences of others when communicating via social media
  • Any form of cyberbullying and harassment while using Learning Center resources is not allowed
  • Inappropriate language and behavior while using Learning Center resources is not allowed
  • When using Learning Center resources, such as desktop computers, members will not download any applications or software without prior permission from an instructor

The English Club of Antananarivo strives to support all English Language Learners in Antananarivo by providing the Learning Center and its resources free of charge for all members.  Organization policies such as the Social Media Policies and Guidelines is provided to create a safe and supportive learning environment.

All students who use social media in the English Club of Antananarivo’s Learning Center is responsible for understanding the Social Media Policies & Guidelines.  For questions and further information, contact the Learning Center Director.

Here is the complete Social Media Policies & Guidelines to include references and the different policies I analyzed and researched in the process.


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