Social Media in Learning Research

Here is my curated topic on Social Media in Learning.  I used Pearltrees because only allows one topic.  A general comment about the curating tools – learning multiple tools can be overwhelming.  I was actually excited to use again, only to learn that I was not allowed to have more than one topic unless I paid to upgrade.  Also, I didn’t know how to comment on each resource in Pearltrees, other than actually making a “comment” so I hope it is helpful and easy to find.

My first learning experience was how difficult the research process was.  It took me more time than I thought to find how social media has been used  for learning in music education.  Most of the searches came back with results on how you can market yourself using social media, not necessarily for teaching and learning strategies.  I also thought of friends and colleagues who have their own businesses in music education, but most who do use Facebook primarily as a marketing tool.  All of their teaching is face to face in their studio or business.  I don’t know of many music educators who use Facebook as a learning and teaching tool, but only as a personal tool for personal use.

I did find resources which used Edmodo and Schoology (one Schoology example was a blended course I designed last semester for beginning band.)  I found a nice Prezi presentation on using Edmodo in a flipped music classroom, which broke down Edmodo very nicely, especially for first time users.  There were some tools that I was not familiar with, such as Thinglink, and other tools which I have heard of but did not know they could be used in education, such as wiki and Instagram.

Returning to the Schoology course I designed last semester, I did not know there were other schools that used Schoology.  Through this research, I learned that there are music educators out there that are using LMSs such as Schoology and Edmodo in ways that I did not think of, specifically through playing tests and or performance assessments.  I incorporated listening activities through Schoology in the course I created, but I did not know there would be a way to use it for playing and performance assessments.  This is something I will keep in mind if/when I return to music education.  It can also be used should I choose to teach privately, whether in person or online.

Though I did not find any projects that involved Twitter directly, I did include two resources in my curation regarding Twitter.  I thought it was useful information for music educators who would like to grow their PLN.  It may also lead to connections with other music educators who may have some interesting ideas of usage of social media and music learning.  Now that I am familiar with Twitter, Tweetchat, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and the idea of Twitter chats, I will be looking at this list.

Finally, I would be really interested in continuing my research on finding out ways music educators are using Facebook in their teaching.  I am not sure if it is happening or not via Facebook groups, since LMSs such as Edmodo and Schoology have the feature of discussion boards and interactivity between students.


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