PLE Analysis

When creating my PLE, at first I felt like it would be easy to find 10 but as I started I didn’t feel comfortable listing some.  But then I thought, just because I’m just starting to use them doesn’t mean that I can’t include them.  I haven’t used many of them until recently.  I then thought of how I can increase my usage for professional reasons, but keep my personal use to a minimum.  I noticed that some students included in their representations both personal and professional.  The more I have used them, the more I see the benefits in my professional development.  However, like with anything new that I am learning, I find that it serves me best if I spend time on every day.  Finding the ones that work best for me will take some time, and once I do I can continue to use them daily.  Since I am not teaching currently, but plan to return to the classroom in January I hope I can find something I can use to prepare myself to re-enter the education world.  Currently I am only teaching a small group of adult English Language Learners, but I have already found resources in the past few weeks that I can use in my teaching.

As for other diagrams in the class, I immediately recognized there were consistencies among all six students that I analyzed.  For example, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest were included in all of the classmates’ diagrams I analyzed.  All of the students organized their PLEs differently, but these were included in all of them including mine.  I didn’t think of putting Pinterest on my diagram but I have used it in the past for personal things – outfits, motivational quotes, DIY ideas, etc.  There were some resources that I have heard of but have not used, such as Edmodo, Linked In, Goodreads, Prezi and Snapchat to name a few.  I think there are so many resources out there it will take time to continue to explore and figure out what works best for me.  My final thought is that only one student listed resources that are non-electronic.  For example, colleagues, coworkers, acquaintances and classmates.  I think this is a huge resource that should be included in everyone’s PLE and it is something that I forgot to list too.  I think technology has opened up many doors in terms of information and networking, but we shouldn’t forget the human to human connection that we interact with every day.

(Students analyzed for comparison: Kimmy Davis, Megan Apgar, Courtney Calhoun, Amy Pierce, Amanda Hensley, Brian Betteridge)


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