Live, Real-time Professional Development

For the past three weeks, I have participated in four different twitter chats and four different webinars.  All of them occurred in real-time.  The only other real-time experience I have had in education is through Adobe Connect in my EdTech 521 and EdTech 523 classes.

Here is the summary of my experience as a participant in the twitter chats and webinars, and the notes I took during each session.

This real-time experience was very new to me.  I don’t use Skype or Hangouts much since the internet connection where I live is not reliable.  The first twitter chat was pretty overwhelming trying to figure out how to sign up for a chat, and then just soaking in the experience since it was one of the most fast-paced chats I participated in.

The subjects that I had more knowledge on I felt more comfortable contributing on.  I had some very positive experiences with my contributions, as noted in my summary.  Most of the communities were very welcoming, which surprised me at first because of how fast paced the chats and back channel communications were.

Finally, these are some things I will keep in mind when participating in future real-time learning opportunities like chats and webinars:

  • Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself
  • Have a google doc open or a notebook to write on during the chat or webinar
  • If there are presentation slides or notes available before hand, try to prepare some questions ahead of time
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by the high activity, contribute when you can
  • Use social media and PLN to find chats and webinars that are in your interest/focus area



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