Online Professional Development

Here is my reflection on my Online Professional Development experience.

In the past 2 weeks I have participated in 3 Twitter chats and 3 online webinars, all of different content and lengths.  I still have one more Twitter chat and one more webinar to attend, but I decided to reflect on the experience now while it is fresh in my head.

My first Twitter chat was overwhelming to say the least.  But I am glad I started with an overwhelming experience vs. a slow one.  The chat is now on my list to visit when I want to experience a fast-paced online chat.  Another chat was in both German and English, English being the least spoken language so I probably won’t participate again.  I really enjoyed the experience but it is finding those chats that will be most beneficial, and are convenient with the time zone difference.

Each webinar was different, two of which had slides to go with the presentation.  The third webinar was a forty-five minutes interview with a Medal of Honor recipient.  This was the most meaningful because I participated in the backchannel chat and felt like I was able to contribute and make a difference.  I was also happy to see that the Medal of Honor recipient stopped during the interview to answer a question I had posted.

In general, I found Twitter chats easier to find but many of them are on a break due to the summer holidays.  The webinars don’t seem to be as easy to find.  However, there are recordings available for past webinars if attending live isn’t a priority.



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