Curating Experience: Music + Technology

For the past two weeks, I have been studying curation.  Week one I was focused on a group project where we created criteria for effective curation.  Week two I curated a topic of choice, which I decided on Music and Technology.  I had never used a tool like this other than Pinterest, and after hearing and seeing PearlTrees and I decided to use for the project.

Here is a link to the page where I organize and curated resources discussing music education and technology.

Here is my self-assessment of the project.

I have not used Pinterest for a number of years, but I feel like I have traveled back in time.  The biggest difference is the organization for purpose and audience.

After completing this project, I decided to curate other topics in my spare time based on my personal and professional interests: English Language Learners, Flute Performance, Volunteering and Traveling to name a few.  For now, I will focus on English Language Learners and Music Education, which have been the two topics I have been focusing on since beginning the Educational Technology Program.

I would have to say for the past four weeks, my Twitter experience and Curation experience have been the most eye-opening for me.  I had no idea the capabilities of both, and I am amazed and excited to know that these are available anytime and anywhere I have internet access.  The accessibility and flexibility make them appealing.  Now my goal is to figure out how to avoid information overload, and manage all of the resources up until this point so that I can achieve my personal and professional goals.



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