Reflection: Criteria for Effective Curation

My PLN group created a list of criteria for effective curation here using Google Docs.  I have used Google Docs in the past and it seems to work well for collaboration.  The Google Docs was created and we assigned each member a color so we could track who was reviewing which resource and who was making which comments.  We created a clean document to submit as the final copy.

Prior to this module, the only time I heard the term “curator” used was in museums.  I learned a lot about curating from reviewing the resources and completing this project.  It seems that curating is much more meaningful than collecting, especially because it serves and benefits a group of people.  I am looking forward to beginning the next project of curating a topic of my choice.  I plan to use to complete the next project.

I am usually pretty flexible in terms of working with groups vs. working individually but since I currently live overseas, I prefer individual work.  The time zone difference coupled with my irregular work schedule makes it tricky to collaborate in groups.  Last week I was in my last week of a 7-week course, so juggling this project with that course proved to be a challenge.  When I am a member of a group, I like to contribute as much as I can to the team.  I feel like now that my other course has been completed, I can focus more on the group projects from this point forward.



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