PPP – Positive Presence Plan

I used Haiku deck to create my Online Positive Presence Plan.  Below are the ten strategies I will use for this plan.  I could not get the slide notes to save in my Haiku deck, so I have included them below as well.

Haiku deck slideshow

  1.  I will continue to learn about social network learning and building my PLN.  The use of twitter, facebook and diigo are a few of the resources I am currently learning about which connect me to ideas and colleagues. (Adams, 2013)
  2.  I will examine the results when I google search myself.  I want to monitor what comes up and protect my personal information and professional reputation. (2013)
  3.  I will use RSS feeds to organize resources.  When describing to feeds, I am able to stay on top of developments in my field and relevant news and events. (Posner, 2011)
  4.  I will use a personal URL as a homepage or blog in order to develop a strong public self online. (Barbour and Marshall, 2012)
  5.  I will promote myself, maintaining a consistent and positive image, url and e-mail address.  I will set up an aboutme.com page and connect all of my social media accounts and create a biography. (Taub, 2012)
  6.  I will be active in the networks I am involved with and make a choice to comment and interact when appropriate.  I will not just soak up the information, but be proactive in communicating with others who have similar interests and goals. (2012)
  7.  I will be mindful of what I write and post online.  This applies to everything that I write, as well as pictures that I post.  Everything I post is a direct reflection of me. (2012)
  8.  I will be open and generous.  Think of the saying “if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”  If I come across something that I think someone in my network may benefit from knowing about it, I will share it.  Building and sustaining relationships is important. (2012)
  9.  I will remember there is a human on the other side of the computer screen.  Humans have feelings and written communication online can sometimes be misinterpreted.  I will be mindful of the tone that is missing in e-communication. (Frey, 2012)
  10.  Being polite and saying thank you is a simple thing to do, but can go a long way. (Frey, 2012)



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