Twitter Client Experience

It took me a while to figure out what a twitter client was, as well as how Tweetdeck worked.  Once I figured it out, I thought it was pretty neat and reminded me of the first time I used feedly for RSS feeds.

I have a few different interests as far as professional development goes, but I ended up choosing the following five “hashtags.”  The screenshot is pictured below.




A couple of general things I learned by following these hashtags include:

  • Some of the hashtags updated more frequently than others.  For example, the last tweet for #adultesl occurred seven days ago, while most of the other hashtags were constantly updating with tweets.  Prior to using Twitter for this social media class, I assumed that all tweets were constantly updated.  
  • The #musiced alone had a variety of information tweeted.  I saw information about grants from non-profits, reflections from music educators, teachers congratulation students on performances – the list goes on and on.  I found it very interesting the wide variety of topics in the hashtags.

Here are a couple of new resources I found:

  • Be a Part of the Music is an organization which helps K-12 music educators recruit students to join their ensembles.  There is a project where you record a video on your phone or tablet where you share your story about how music has changed your life.  The videos are posted on their instagram channel (instagram is something I am not familiar with) and used with their recruiting projects.  Underneath the instructions, they have videos from various educators and I noticed one educator was from my alma mater.
  • Teaching English is a website that contains podcasts that can be used for students to practice their listening skills.  Once clicking on their twitter page, I found other great resources such as teaching phonetics and pronunciation to name a few.  I think this was when the light bulb clicked for me, realizing the benefit of a tweet and how my eyes were drawn to the podcasts tweet very quickly with such a few amount of words.  And upon further exploration, I was introduced to many more resources.

Though I see the benefits of using Twitter as an educator, and I am eager to learn more – I do have mixed feelings because of my current situation.  I live in Africa and the wifi here is unreliable.  I also do not have a cell phone or tablet with unlimited data.  I see Twitter being very beneficial only when I have access to reliable internet, otherwise it can be limited and frustrating.  In certain areas of where I live, I choose not to pull out my iPhone because it is dangerous to do so even when you are in a car.  When carrying around laptops, we carry it in bags that don’t look like laptop holders because it is safer that way to prevent theft.  If I were in America, it would be a different story.  But while I am living in Africa I am limited to when and where I have access to Twitter.  I will continue to learn, but I can’t practice on it as much as I would like to here.


One thought on “Twitter Client Experience

  1. Hi Joanne,
    You are experiencing an interesting digital divide there in Africa with the internet issues. I did my internship in Thailand 15 years ago and I can relate to how hard it must be. That was pre- Twitter and other networking sites. I’m glad you were able to find some cool resources on Twitter. “Be Part of the Music” sounds like a great program to get kids excited about music programs. Nice post.


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