EdTech 543, First day of Social Network Learning

I have mixed feelings about social media, both for personal and professional use.  I am not familiar with twitter, and I am not a fan of Facebook.  However, I do have know quite a lot of people who utilize social media to promote their business.  These feelings are similar to my feelings about the Educational Technology program when I enrolled in my first class in January 2015.  Since my first class, I have learned to recognize the benefits of educational technology, but still prefer face-to-face interaction.  I also recognize that society is changing and the use of technology is important for educators to understand, more than just as a tool.

I have never used social media for my own professional development.  Nor have I used social media as an instructional strategy in my learning environment.  I have been away from the classroom since 2011, and have only taught in a capacity as a private flute and piano teacher, as well as a community children’s choir in three different countries.

I think I will continue to prefer face-to-face instruction, but as stated before, with each class I complete in the Educational Technology program I learn more and more about the power and benefits of utilizing technology in the classroom.  For this course specifically, I am eager to learn the benefits of using social media in learning for both the music classroom and teaching English language learners.  Though I don’t plan on changing my views on using social media personally, I am open to learning how to use social media effectively as a teacher.


One thought on “EdTech 543, First day of Social Network Learning

  1. I was hesitant to dive into the world of social media for professional development, especially Twitter. It seemed overwhelming and I didn’t see a need for it. Once I jumped in, though, I found an amazing amount of resources and support that I hadn’t expected, and have actually made some real friendships (in real life, not just on social media) because of social media. I respect your open-minded attitude!


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