Annotated Bibliography

The past couple of weeks I have been conducting research using Google Scholar and BSU’s Anderson Library.  In addition, I have been learning about APA Style.  I have never used Google Scholar and found it very interesting you can, in one click, have the citation appear on your screen.  It reminds me of spell check in Microsoft Word, which I use initially but make sure I do at least two read throughs to check for spelling and grammatical errors.  Similar to Microsoft Word and spell check, I am not sure if I were to use Google Scholar frequently if I would choose to use the citation feature.  I would much prefer to understand how to cite things properly and do it myself.

APA Style is not new to me, as I remember using it extensively for many of my graduate classes at Arizona State University.  As I double and triple checked my APA style, I remembered how much detailed work went into my research papers.  This was the first time I was introduced to the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and found it difficult to use the Cross Ref Simple Text Query.  Perhaps with more practice conducting research using electronic sources I will feel more comfortable.

Here is my Annotated Bibliography.  Overall, I was pleased with the selection of articles.  They came from different publications, both music and non-music.  Each covered the use of technology in the music classroom in different ways, focusing mostly on improvisation and composition.  More importantly, this assignment definitely helped me realize there are more ways of looking at music technology than just as a tool.  The process itself is invaluable to student learning.


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