RSS in Education

Lesson Plan Using RSS

I feel like I should know what an RSS is, but I didn’t know what it was until completing this assignment.  I have seen them on websites, but didn’t understand its purpose.  Using feedly opened up my eyes to how fast you can access information because of RSS.  For me personally, I have so many interests I can organize my favorite and frequently visited websites very quickly and easily.  I saw it as a faster way of bookmarking, and finding the information I need in snapshots.  I ended up creating numerous categories just for fun in addition to Educational Technology, including recipes, local news, and wellness to name a few.

Professionally, I thought of the lesson plan I created for this assignment and how I could have used RSS in 2007 when I was teaching my classes about the families of instruments.  I remember searching through my library of CDs and choosing which CDs featured which instruments the best, and then taking all of those CDs and burning them onto one disc to use in the classroom.  Instead of going through that process of searching and burning the CDs on a computer, I could have just used RSS to organize the recordings available on the internet.

Initially, I had difficulty figuring out what kind of lesson plan I could create incorporating an RSS element.  This was because I thought part of the lesson plan had to include students using RSS and I wondered how I was supposed to do that in a general music class for kindergarten through fifth grades.  Once I realized that wasn’t the case, it opened up a lot more possibilities during the brainstorming process.  I thought the families of instruments was perfect in regards to using RSS, especially from my own experience.

I also feel like the lesson plan I created can be thought of more like a “unit” and I could have focused in on just one lesson.  But I decided to go with my original idea because it was flowing so well in my mind and I didn’t want to start over from scratch.  In addition, it was difficult for me to create the lesson plan because I wanted to include all the creative ways of teaching and assessing in a music classroom.  I ended up presenting the lesson in one way and mentioned the different assessments in the appropriate sections.

If I had more time, I would improve this lesson plan by including specific websites in the materials section which have high quality recordings.  In general, I would include all of the resources available in addition to websites, such as visuals, books, and local organizations to name a few.  The more resources available for lessons, I think the more creative you can be with your teaching.

Since I am not teaching currently, I did not test it in class.  However, when I return to the classroom I will definitely keep in mind what RSS is and how it can apply to all future lessons.


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