Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

The Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology contains a detailed list of principles which all professionals in the field must uphold.  My first learning moment while completing this assignment was the realization of how much history is involved in educational technology.  In addition, the change in leadership, members of the profession and trends in society also play a role in what an organization focuses on.  This focus changes throughout the life of an organization.  Regardless of these changes, however, professional ethics remains to be important in all professional organizations because it serves as guiding principles.  Finally, in any educational organization, professionals conducting themselves according to ethical principles not only affects themselves and their organization, but more importantly, the students they are teaching.

For this assignment, the focus of my paper discusses professional ethics in educational technology and the safety risks and concerns involved through the every day use of technology.  The conclusion of the paper includes many questions I asked myself upon reflection.  These questions revealed not only my reflections about the assignment, but also my reflections based on personal and professional experiences in my life.  I realized how important ethics is, not only in educational technology, but in all professions.  This lead me to question how it relates to our childhood upbringing.  In addition, can the education of moral and ethical practices at an early age help society in the long run?

In summary, I learned that ethics is a set of guidelines that is essential to organizational success, but it has an impact on personal lives and society as well. A detailed link with the discussion is below.


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